Machining the Best with the Best

Great Lakes Tactical started a little more than 13 years ago as a Manufacture of Government, Aerospace, and Hydraulic equipment components. We quickly expanded our machining capacity and continued to grow through many industries. We were introduced to the firearm market early on and manufactured components for some of the industries biggest names in firearms. After years of producing products for other companies we set out to start our very own Great Lakes Tactical Class 2 Manufacturer. A lot of companies stand out there and boast about the quality of products that they sell, and we are not saying that they aren’t quality, but very few can say they make their products themselves. We take the utmost pride in being able to watch our products start from scratch and be turned into a great work of art that we can share with our friends (customers) in the shooting industry. We inspect each and every part along the way to make sure it is the best before being shipped out to you. If i wouldn’t put it in my firearm, i can assure you i wouldn’t have you put it in yours. So while your searching through our site at our products, just know that we are selling the best of the best. We gave birth to it right here in our very own facility in the good ole USA.